How To Accidentally Get Baptized In The Holy Spirit

By Tim Greenwood

First you need to join some 7th day religious cult and get really deeply indoctrinated; this usually takes about 30 years and requires that you marry a devotee to said cult. During this time, you need to fill your mind with church doctrine, biblical speculation and lots of meaningless Bible trivia - but nothing actually helpful like healing scriptures. Then you need to get some imminently fatal, yet incurable, disease. Next you get every minister in that organization that will, to anoint you with oil and pray for you and try every possible cure, supplement and therapy, both plausible and totally crack-pot. When that doesn't work, having no faith of your own, you recruit around 1000 folks, including several prisoners at the maximum security wing of the state prison to pray for you. And after fully enduring every therapy, having diligently taken over 200 supplement pills every day, you realize that none of it has helped at all. And having run out of people to ask to pray for you, run out of options and run out of hope, you sit down ready to give up.

Next the wife needs to, ignore your protesting, get you up, get you dressed, get you into the car and drive you to, of all places, a messianic Jewish temple, pastored by a Rabbi that you once met on the internet. When the Rabbi asks if you want him to pray for you after services, say "yes" while thinking, "Why not, give it your best shot - everybody else has."

Now this is the tricky part, because the following just kind of has to happen all by itself:

A group of people have to sit you down, crowd in on you, lay hands all over you and start wailing in all kind of foreign languages. Once they get all cranked up, a small woman wearing a head scarf ducks under everyone else, shoves her hands into your stomach and yells, "Be FILLED with the Holy Spirit!" And POW! Something goes off inside you like a single tiny ember suddenly erupted into an intense inferno.

Even though it seems as if someone has poured a quart of warm cooking oil over you head, you don't even care that it is ruining your best suit because as you feel that oil making its way down you neck, shoulders and torso, you also feel all of the anxiety and stress and pain and darkness - begin to rush out through the soles of your feet. And as everyone turns and leaves and as all the hubbub starts to settle down, you realize that you are weeping like a little girl, but you just sit there feeling a sense of peace and well being like you've never known.

Now in retrospect, I guess you could just ask Jesus to baptize you in His Holy Spirit. To just fill you up till you are overflowing. Just ask the Holy Spirit to just clean out that big empty place within you, that you've tried to fill with everything else, and come and move in. And when He comes, you will find He is the perfect fit to fill that emptiness.

I didn't do that because I didn't even know that there was a baptism of the Holy Spirit. Not only that, but I didn't even know that the Holy Spirit even existed as anything else other than a source of energy like electricity. At that point, I only knew about God and about Jesus, but I didn't KNOW God and I surely didn't KNOW Jesus. But His Holy Spirit has changed all that.

What has the Holy Spirit done for me? Just to list it all without elaborating would fill several pages. This is Jesus' own Spirit enveloping your spirit, and these two becoming one. He has helped me KNOW God and Know Jesus. By aligning my spirit with His, I can hear the voice of God, through Him. He has given me knowledge, wisdom and boldness far beyond what I thought was possible. In fact everything that we have accomplished since all this happened was, for me, impossible - yet He made it all possible.

If you haven't already done so, ask Jesus to baptize you in His Holy Spirit; to fill you up overflowing. Invite His Holy Spirit to come and live within you, to teach you, lead you, empower you and fill you with the love of God.