What Others Are Saying About
 "Walking in Faith"

They always say big things come in small packages. At first glance this book, WALKING IN FAITH seems to be another little 1 or 2 hour read that may, or may not, do a little something for you, but once you get into it, it’s like WOW; this is some powerful stuff.
CHRISTOPHER C. COOPER, L.I.V.E. (Living in Victorious Expressions) Ministries Book Club.
Our Interview with Tim Greenwood can be found HERE.

I just read your book, "WALKING IN FAITH". It really opened my eyes and would love to hear more from you. Thank you for this gift.
Shannon, Pekin, IL

God bless you mightily!! What an awesome and clear testimony in WALKING IN FAITH! Anyone TRULY seeking to be healed can read this and find their deliverance - they can't miss it ... there's just too much truth! Truly the just live by believing - by believing God's Word, His ability to heal, and His WILLINGNESS to heal. God bless you!!(michaelwaller@yahoo.com)
Michael, Decatur , AL

Tim, your testimony in WALKING IN FAITH is a great miracle and it really touched me... this gives more hope and faith to people like me... God bless you!
Jacqueline, Canada

All Praises due to Our Heavenly Father for allowing you to have the victory over the enemy. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. This testimony in WALKING IN FAITH has strengthened my faith in the written Word of God and in the anointed word of God. In Jesus Name we shall cast out the enemies of the Spirit. I never realized that this would be a full time job. Again I thank God for your miraculous healing, for your ministry, your wife and the love that you have for His work.
S.Miller, Hammond, LA

Thank You for these words of wisdom and to live life by. The information in your book WALKING IN FAITH is an excellent learning tool about Gods promises for health, wealth, and blessings. My life has changed for the better and I am now living by the word of God.
Robert, Boca Raton, FL

I have just read WALKING IN FAITH. It has meant so much to me. I will read and re-read it every time I need to be lifted up. Thank You.
Chyrell, San Antonio, TX

I received your book WALKING IN FAITH, read it, and underlined so much text that it was almost fully underlined. One day as I was traveling home from work on the bus I was re-reading your book, the lady seated next to me began reading it over my shoulder. When I reached my destination, she literally begged me to let her keep the book so she could finish reading it.  I was in a hurry, but I obeyed the Spirit of God and just gave her the book. I considered this book to be a precious gift, so I have therefore ordered another one.  I believe that that lady has been just as blessed as I have been by your book.  God bless and increase this ministry, that's the least I can say.
Margaret, Nairobi,Kenya

Several months go I requested/received Tim's book WALKING IN FAITH. I have to say that NEVER have I EVER read, heard or observed ANYTHING that has brought me real strength and faith to believe in God and our mighty savior Jesus Christ, our LIGHT, our HEALER, our Savior, more than this book. I cannot get enough of it! I read it over and over! Anytime I feel down, I regain my strength in Tim's highlighted scriptures.  Praise God, and May God continue to bless you and your family and this wonderful ministry 1,000,000,000 x's fold! I can't thank you enough for giving me strength, peace and a new life with Christ
Thanks again to the wonderful Tim Greenwood Ministries for simply mailing this book, this blessing to me without any strings.
Stacy. LA

Isn't Our God Awesome! It never ceases to amaze me how God moves, and I'm speaking of right on time.
My sister underwent a surgery to remove a cancer growth, on the operating table everything that could go wrong went wrong. In short she passed away and was kept alive by life support machines. I began to declare the Word of God over her, as mentioned in "WALKING IN FAITH" I'm here to say that God completely healed my sister and she was released from the hospital yesterday. I give all Praise to Our Living and True God.
Louis, Morgan Hill, Cailfornia
P.S. As Tim says "Get the Book"

I recieved your wonderful book "WALKING IN FAITH," and I've read it now at least thirty times.  I keep it with my Bible, and I read parts of your book every day with my Bible reading. I use the prayer you wrote several times a day and I thank God for your testimony. Thank you so much.....By his stripes I am healed....I am whole!