Bible Tools
Retrieve Bible verses, Strong's Numbers, Words and Phrases.

Note: Previously, we had separate interfaces to search for Bible verses, Strong's Numbers, Words and Phrases.
These interfaces have been combined into a single, but more powerful, tool.
Even though it is different, I believe you will find it powerful and easy to use.

(Here you can search for any verse or chapter of the Bible,
any word, any phrase or any Strong's number.)

(In addition you can optionally narrow your search range before your search.)

Bible Search Tool
Bible Verses, Strong's Numbers, Words and Phrases To Search For:

NOTE: Once you click "Search", you will be presented a list of all occurrences within your search range.
(Once in the search page, you may further limit your search by using the "Adv. Options" button.
Be sure to click the arrow button to lock in your selected options.)

Use your browser's "Back Button" to return to this page.

STRONG'S: To view an occurrence with the Strong's references, select Interlinear from the "Tools" button.
To expand the Strong's number on that page,
click on the Strong's number and you will be presented with definitions, stats and
a listing of other places that Strong's number is found.

(Here you can retrieve Words and Phrases from anywhere on the TGM website.)
This tool also allows you to make regular, "And", "Or" and phrase searches.
AND Search OR Search
Phrase Search Show results per page
Note: Search results will be displayed on a seperate page.
Simply use the back button to return to the Bible Tools page.