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wif Walking in Faith
by Tim Greenwood
now in more than 100 Nations of the World !
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Walking In Faith
is a POWERFUL testimony of God's healing power and the importance of learning how to "Receive From God
This anointed little book is jam-packed with Tim Greenwood's practical, down to earth, Bible based teaching.

If you need to receive healing, or know someone that does, or just want to get blessed,
order this book now.
This may be the most important book you ever read! 
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We get so excited reading all of the testimonies of healing, deliverance and salvation that have come to pass as the fruit of this little book. 
Tremendous fruit has already been produced for the Lord. 

In 1998, I was directed by the Holy Spirit to write and publish Walking in Faith. I was further directed to "Sow them into the lives of those that need them" -- by providing a postage paid, free copy of Walking in Faith to all those that request one. Many have ordered multiple copies to give to friends and relitives that have a need. None have been distributed in unsolicited mailings, or randomly passed out like tracts. 

Please consider a financial gift to this fruitful ministry, and help us continue to sow good seed into the lives of so many that are in desparate need. (To do this, just click the "Give to TGM" button to the left!)

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